Waddell Power offers a full line of Deka batteries. Since 1946, East Penn Manufacturing Company Inc., has developed an enviable reputation for world-class quality products made in their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. East Penn custom designs batteries per each of our customer’s requirements and specifications. East Penn’s DEKA batteries are considered the best, most-reliable industrial batteries for forklifts in the industry.


Built specifically for low maintenance applications, it boasts a large reservoir allowing an increased volume of electrolyte. Reduces watering to four times a year under normal operating conditions.

MAXPOWRmaxpowrThrough optimized active material efficiencies, balanced plate ratios, and increased electrolyte concentration, it can deliver up to 10% more amp-hours in the same size battery.


The D-Series is durable and dependable for almost any motive power application. In addition to its versatility, it is designed to be utilized in both conventional and opportunity charging operations.



Waddell Power has several options for top of the line industrial battery chargers.  We represent industry leaders in charging technology, data, and  charge efficiency.

Waddell Power offers a full line of Ametek Presolite Power chargers.

Prestolite Power (formerly Hobart) has set the industry standard worldwide for superior battery charging solutions.  It has manufactured industrial battery chargers for the material handling industry since 1917 in Located in Troy, Ohio.


The Ultra Maxx fills a recharge performance gap between traditional charging and fast charging. The Ultra Maxx with it’s minimum charger size, moderate input service rating and inexpensive remote installation cost offers an economical solution for eliminating the burdens and cost associated with battery rooms, fast charge charging stations and truck/driver down time.

Battery Mate

The quality designed and manufactured ferroresonant transformer is the heart of the efficient charger. The power conversion circuitry is designed to maximize battery life with its constantly tapering charge, automatically regulated by the “on charge” battery voltage. The output current of the charger is determined by the state of discharge of the battery.

Eclipse II Plus

High frequency industrial battery chargers utilizing IGBT technology offer high efficiency, precisely controlled charge curves, light weight and small size. High frequency chargers provide a constant current-constant voltage-constant current (IEI) charge curve and because of their extreme flexibility, they are adaptable to all types of batteries and applications.



Let us help you figure out what charging system best benefits your operation. We're leaders in conventional, opportunity, and the latest fastcharging technology.

Waddell Power offers a full line of ACT Chargers.

Advanced Charging Technologies is a leading manufacturer of forklift battery chargers and we ensure that our entire line of industrial chargers meet or exceed the California Energy Commission’s (CEC) strict energy efficiency standard. Powered by HF MOSFET Technology, this energy efficient technology will significantly reduce energy use and decrease energy

ACT Level 1

Ideal for an extended single shift operation (10– 12 hours), or for two shifts with a light to medium workloads, five to six days per week.

ACT Conventional

Perfect for single and multiple shift, light to heavy-duty operations, where a battery is used for one shift.

ACT Industrial Chargers

ACT Chargers feature lock out charging during peak hours, they’re stackable, and can be wall, column or stand mounted. ACT Units have an advanced ventilation system, 3 year parts and labor warranty, and are RoHS Compliant.



If it enhances your battery, charger, or vehicle performance, we've got it. As Experts in Data Collection and Equipment Interface, we can help you find, setup, install, and maintain the right accessories to optimize your equipment.



ATP Indicator


Battery Identification Device

Ametek WBID

Battery Centric Interface Device



We recognize your facility is more than just forklift batteries, if you need batteries for your personnel carrier, emergency backup lighting, maintenance carts, or even starting batteries, we're ready and happy to assist. We'll even help asses your battery need and design your system.




With more than 250 quality control checks built into the manufacturing process, a Pro Master Battery guarantees superior performance of floor scrubbers or floor sweepers – every time.


Trojan T-1275 Deep Cycle

Trojan T-1275 Deep Cycle Flooded

Trojan Deep Cycle

Trojan Deep Cycle Flooded L16P

A Variety of Applications

All your industrial battery needs!

Specialized Equipment


Off Road and RV

Deka Pow-R-Surge Power Sports Battery

Deka Deep Cycle

Deka Deep Cycle Flooded GC15