Waddell Power has commodity parts and accessories to repair and make your fleet more efficient.  Regardless of your need or application, we stock the parts, devices, and accessories to keep your fleet running. We have a full inventory at each site, and can ship or install at your facility same or next day.


We have four centralized locations stocked with equipment to meet your requirements.


  • Our equipment is tested and ready, and can be professionally installed.
  • We stock all types of interface equipment, so our equipment fits your system requirements.
  • Use our equipment with integrated maintenance, never worry about performance.
  • Complete packages are available, battery, charger, watering system, and any required accessory.
  • Need your lease equipment installed, exchanged, or maintained? We handle that too.

To check price, availablility, or place a parts order; please call us at: 1.800.765.3090



We stock original equipment manufacturer parts.

From a replacement valve for your single point watering system, to a retrofit kit for a full fastcharge upgrade, we stock what you need, in four full service warehouse locations, and on the service vehicles in between them. We're ready to help at a moments notice.



Site Probe

WiFi Fleet Analysis


1/4″ Male Connector


ATP Indicator


Battery Identification Device

Ametek WBID

Battery Centric Interface Device

BHS Fleet Tracker

Fleet Tracker

Flow-Rite SPWS

Single Point Watering Systems


Battery Water Deionizer System

Instant Valve Pro


Instant Valve PRO


The Ultra Maxx fills a recharge performance gap between traditional charging and fast charging. The Ultra Maxx with it’s minimum charger size, moderate input service rating and inexpensive remote installation cost offers an economical solution for eliminating the burdens and cost associated with battery rooms, fast charge charging stations and truck/driver down time.

ACT Level 1

Ideal for an extended single shift operation (10– 12 hours), or for two shifts with a light to medium workloads, five to six days per week.

ACT Conventional

Perfect for single and multiple shift, light to heavy-duty operations, where a battery is used for one shift.