Waddell Power is committed to the highest standards for environmental health and safety through our state-of-the-art recycle facilities and company-wide dedication to the safe recycling of lead acid batteries. Our battery recycling is done courtesy of East Penn Manufacturing, who recycles batteries in an environmentally-friendly manner at their on-site EPA approved smelter/refinery and re-uses them in the production of new battery products.


Virtually 100% of a lead acid battery is recycled and re-used in the production of new batteries


  • Our lead smelter is state-of-the-art and has been designated by the EPA as a model site for the lead recycling industry.
  • Our closed loop system is automated and computer-controlled, with no hazardous emissions.
  • East Penn holds the exclusive patents to a unique acid reclamation process, which allows us to re-use millions of gallons of clean, reclaimed acid in our new batteries and avoid potentially hazardous acid disposal.
  • Spent lead acid batteries are fed into a massive battery breaker which separates the used lead, plastic and acid.
  • Lead is smelted, refined and used in the production of new batteries.
  • Plastic is shredded, cleaned and re-used for battery cases, covers and other plastic parts.
  • Industrial waste water is chemically treated and purified for re-use in our battery acid mixing process and production facility.
  • Sulfur fumes trapped during lead smelting are processed into liquid fertilizer and sold to fertilizer manufacturers.
  • Heat from the furnaces are used to warm our buildings.

To learn more, or schedule a recycling pickup, please call us at: 1.800.765.3090

All of our wastewater is recycled, 32 million gallons yearly.
Nearly 200 million pounds of lead are recycled annually.
Our acid reclamation plant recycles over 6 million gallons yearly.
Over 11.8 million pounds of plastic are recycled annually.

Complete. Safe. Compliant.


In most cases, recycling can be done free of charge.

Waddell Power is fully licensed for the pickup and transportation of spent lead acid batteries and you can rest assured that no used battery picked up by any of our authorized company vehicles will ever end up in a land fill site. Recycling your batteries through Waddell will also eliminate any risk of low priced rebuilds entering your local market.


Battery Transportation Information


When transporting batteries to our locations and smelter, safety is key.

For information regarding DOT transportation regulations and proper packaging of used batteries, please click on the links below: