Motive Power Equipment

Durable Dependable Deka Batteries
Fast, Opportunity, HF, and Ferro Chargers
Handling Systems & Racking
Data Collection & Accessories

Reserve Power

Installing and servicing energy storage, delivering critical back-up power for your UPS, telecommunications, data center, critical plant, and renewable energy applications.

Motive Power Service

Need Assistance with a Motive Power Battery, Charger, Handling System or Accessory? We’re here to help, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.


Waddell Power has commodity rental equipment ready and waiting to help your fleet for a busy weekend, a heavy month, or as a long term solution with integrated maintenance. Regardless of your need or application, we stock the battery, charger, and devices to keep your fleet running.


Featuring four centralized locations; call, message, or visit today. 


We stock original equipment manufacturer parts.

From a replacement valve for your single point watering system, to a retrofit kit for a full fastcharge upgrade, we stock what you need, in five full service warehouse locations, and on the service vehicles in between them. Need a battery connector or charger capacitor? Put us to the test! We're ready to help at a moments notice.

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Waddell Power

Since 1978